Welcome to the Hamlin Food Pantry!

open THE 2ND Monday FOR choice shopping inside & the 4TH Monday FOR drive-up

*Call for emergency food. Dates subject to change due to weather and holidays

What a great blessing it is to be able to serve and help those living right here in our community. The grandparents and elderly, the aunts and uncles, the moms and dads, the children and babes. For one reason or another, we all come together for the same thing: Food.

Located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, at The Hamlin Assembly of God Church and there a part of, The Food Pantry has been serving the community for over 10 years. 


apple We serve 250 families plus a month. 335 registered families for this year.

apple We have averaged 15 New families a month since September of 2021.

apple Over one third are Elderly on a fixed income deciding between food and other necessities.

apple Most are there because of reasons beyond their control: job loss, income, health issues/medical expenses, loss of a loved one, unexpected expenses (and the list goes on).

apple In the last year, homelessness or transients in our area is on the rise.

apple To those families, we distribute 20,000 pounds of food a month.

apple On the Fourth Monday of each month, we distribute 25 boxes of extra food to qualified active and retired military families. Also, Extra food to seniors that qualify through a state program.

appleIt takes between 15 and 25 volunteers each distribution to hand out all that food.

apple The Food Pantry pays five cents a pound for food through Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley.

apple On top of the monthly purchases of food, We buy Thanksgiving Meals and Christmas Hams from local retailers.

apple We run and operate on donations! With a minimum operating budget of almost $20,000 a year, help is always needed.

How Can You Help?

Well that is a good question with multiple answers.

The most needed for everyday running of the food pantry is a nominal donation that can be done easily by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. A check can also be dropped at the office or mailed. Cash can be dropped off. All donations are tax deductible.

Other items needed:

Canned and boxed Foods. Any will do and they all go just as fast as they come in. Produce as well.

Businesses: We serve hot food once a month if you would like to sponsor a month or help with the cost of the food prep or donate items for us to cook.

Help with donations of Holiday Foods.

Donate items for our annual Dinner and Auction. Great for businesses as well to get your name out there.

Help with a Fundraiser. We are always open to ideas and getting out in the community. There are a few a year to get involved with.

Help with our "Wish" List: Currently we are in need of (4) hat lights, (3) lighted traffic wands, (20) Fold-able Beach Wagons/Cart, (6) 4' x 18" x 64"  Rolling carts to store food, (20) Heavy Duty 6' or 8' Folding Tables (holds 800+ pounds a piece),

Hot food take out containers

As we all work together, we can make a big impact in our community. Our plan is to bring hope and kindness to those around us, making their future that much brighter.

With many Thanks and Blessings,

Amy Gearhart, Director & Coordinator

Questions and inquiries can be made to the Hamlin Assembly of God Church (570)689-2630 or to our email


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